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Latin Name: Lithops

Description: Usually referred to as 'Living Stones' or 'Flowering Stones', this genus of about 40 species of succulent plants look just like rocks, with two large succulent-like lips, often decorated with orange, green, or red veins on top. They are native to southern Africa, so they feel right at home in the heat. They enjoy at least 6 hours of bright, indirect light per day, and can store water in their "leaves" for months, meaning they don't need a whole lot of water very often. They produce a new set of leaves once each year, usually after flowering in the late fall/early winter. They have lovely, delicate, daisy like flowers that may be shades of white or pink, and are slightly fragrant. A truly unique specimen, living stones make a wonderful addition to terrariums, indoor succulent gardens, or just on their own in a bright location in your home.

Watering: Requires very little water. In the spring and summer, only water when the soil has dried out 100%. In the fall and winter, refrain from watering at all, unless you notice your Lithops start to shrivel. Prefers a well-draining cactus soil.

Growth Rate: Grows quite slowly, producing only a single set of leaves each year.
Shape: Double lipped, succulent like 'stones' protruding upwards slightly from the ground 
Sun or Shade: Bright, indirect sunlight. At least 6 hours.
Difficulty level: Medium

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