Looking to enhance your landscape? Check out our services that are available throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons.

In our many years of business, we have also created great connections with other local landscaping, hardscaping, pruning, and maintenance services that we would be happy to refer you to. Contact us for more information!

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Gift Certificate

Gift cards simplified! You can now purchase Peter Knippel Gift Certificates from the comfort of your own home, and save it directly to your device or print it at your convenience!

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Delivery and Installation

We have a variety of services available to gardeners and landscapers. Upon purchasing your plants, speak with one of our garden specialists about delivery or installation of large shrubs and trees!

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Garden Coach

Over the past 20 years, our garden specialists have consistently delivered top quality services to homeowners and developers with our garden coaching sessions. The Garden Coach is a great opportunity for new homeowners who are looking to identify the plants in their new gardens, homeowners who need advice for overgrown garden beds, and homeowners who need assistance choosing the right plants for their desired garden space.

During your one hour garden coach appointment, your session will include a step-by-step plan for your next steps to develop your garden space, a rough sketch of the plan, and a list of recommended plants. 

Contact our garden centre team directly to book your consultation.