HR Policies

Requests for Time Off

Policy Regarding Requests for Time Off

We want our employees to be happy and enjoy their time at the garden centre! We understand this sometimes means taking a little time off to recharge, and we try our best to make sure we can accommodate requests for time off. However, we are a seasonal business with definite peak periods (May and June) where we need all hands on deck. To avoid confusion and disappointment, our policy for handling requests for time off is outlined below.

Please send all requests for time off to with "request for time off" in the subject line.

May and June

You must be available to work weekends and holidays during May and June. This is by far our busiest time of the year.

Schedule changes are exceptionally difficult to accommodate during May and June. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee we will be able to honour requests for time off during this peak period.

July to October

Requests for time off will be addressed on an individual basis. We will do our best to honour these requests, provided the request is made at least two weeks in advance. We cannot guarantee any requests for time off made with less than two weeks notice.

Shift trades

Thank you for being proactive and finding a candidate to cover your shift. Please check with the scheduling coordinator for approval first though. That way we can ensure you both have the same fabulous skill mix! Your scheduling coordinator for 2018 is Heidi.