Covid-19 Protocol's While Visiting Knippel Garden Centre

Our priority is the health and wellbeing of our customers and employees and extra precautions and protocol have been put in place.
o The number of customers permitted into the garden centre will not exceed 90, 60 in tree bed.
o Ensure physical distancing is respected when waiting to enter the garden centre.
o Please always adhere to visual cues and signage to maintain your distances.
o Pets are not allowed.
o Please limit your stay to less than 1 hour.
o Restrooms will not be available.
o No food, no drinks, including coffee cups.
o Payment via Credit or Debit is preferred
o Paying pads will be wiped down between every use.
o We are not accepting any returns
o Our cleaning and sanitization practices have been enhanced and increased.
o All shopping carts will be cleaned after each use