Annual Planter Combinations


Build unique planters catered specifically for your style and gardening habits! 

We receive 1000's of exciting annuals that look great in combination planters. When deciding what plants you want to use, it is important to consider three things: 

1. Light: Annual plants are very picky with how much sunlight they need to perform best. If you get more than half a day of sun or direct afternoon sunlight, then you should be looking at sun-tolerant annuals for your planters. If you get morning sun, or dappled shade throughout the day, consider these shade tolerant plants. 

2. Care: Some annuals like dahlias, verbena, and zinnias require extra care to be floriferous throughout the summer. If you are looking for low maintenance planters you should consider self cleaning and low maintenance annuals. Similarly, when it gets hot outside, some plants require significantly more water than others. If you are planting at a cottage or a business, consider drought tolerant annuals for your planter. 

3. Style: This is up to the gardener, but all planters should have a "thriller" for height and focal points, a "spiller" for drama and texture, as well as a "filler" to improve the density and look of the planter. These categories help even out the density of a planter, similar to a diamond shape. You can change the silhouette of the planter by increasing the number of thrillers or spillers throughout. See images below for some of our in-store creations.